Intentional Organizational Development

For organizations to get ahead, they must proactively think about how to respond to uncertainty and embrace curiosity by exploring new ways to solve age-old problems. Think to Be Happy’s consultants help leaders think about their organizations’ strategies, cultures, and leadership, with the end goal of helping all employees feel fulfilled so they do their best work.

We partner with organizations of all sizes and varieties, including private, public, not-for-profit, and governmental clients, as well as educational institutions, such as HBCUs. Each of our clients has a unique set of challenges but is willing to learn new strategies to fulfill their great organizational potential.

  • Interactive Discovery Sessions
  • Action Plans
  • Organizational Development (Human and Strategic Elements)
  • Talent Management and Acquisition
  • Culture Advisor (Diversity, Inclusion, Outreach and Compliance)
  • HR Support and Planning
  • Executive Coaching and Conflict Resolution
  • Organizational Model Implementation
  • Educational Consulting for Colleges and Universities (Recruitment, Retention, and Completion Programs)

Organizational Development ServicesEducation Consulting


THINK TO BE HAPPY services provides strategic partnerships with organizations. With a focus on organizational development we mobilize the right individuals, teams, and initiatives to improve performance and effectiveness.

Do you respect your inner voice? When hindsight isn’t the only advantage.
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