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We all have a story including the “Think To Be Happy” team. However, what we choose to do with the lessons we have learned through our stories is completely up to us. Coming from all walks of life the ‘Think To Be Happy’ team has decided to share their lessons and expertise with the world while choosing happiness by living intentionally. Built on the desire to create a life filled with passion, empathy, freedom, flexibility, connection, influence and success, ‘Think To Be Happy’ was created to help others understand and choose happiness by living intentionally.

About The Founder:

Shawna Charles holds a MBA and PH.D. in Clinical Psychology. She is an ‘ACTIONIST’ who motivates people to intentionally choose happiness. She teaches the power of confessing, creating and choosing happiness. She is also the creator and founder of ‘Think To Be Happy’. Dr. Charles loves what she does and who she is becoming and invites you to join her on this happy life journey.

Do you respect your inner voice? When hindsight isn’t the only advantage.
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