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We help your business build strategic partnerships designed to give you a competitive advantage and expand your influence.

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Relationships Matter. We Help You Build Them.

Your brand’s reputation rests on building strong relationships with both internal and external constituents. We partner with forward-thinking organizations that recognize the value in strategic relationship building and how those relationships can help transform them into industry leaders. From organizational development to civic engagement and from employee and executive coaching to external affairs, we’re the relationship consultancy firm built to help you build a better business and elevate your brand’s image to exciting new heights.

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Collaboration the Delivers Results

Winning brands have strategies that deliver results. And building strong and productive relationships with internal and external stakeholders is an essential part of any winning brand’s playbook. Through intentional collaboration with you and your team, Think To Be Happy will partner with you to develop and implement strategies that help you achieve long-term growth and solidify your reputation as an industry innovator through building and cultivating strategic partnerships. Our track record of success with our past and current clients speaks volumes to our ability to deliver results that lead to huge returns on investment.

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LinkedIn had suggested I reach out to Dr. Shawna Charles for career advice and I am glad I did! She provided helpful feedback on my resume and made sure all of my questions were answered before we ended our phone call. Thank you again, Dr. Charles! Keep in touch!

Jessper Maquindang

Shawna is an awesome person and wonderful career coach. She provided very helpful suggestions on my resume and overall interviewing tips and solidifying my brand as a professional. She really is invested in seeing people succeed in their careers. I highly recommend her.

Stephanie Chinelo S.

Shawna is truly a gem in the recruiting industry. She has been extremely consistent with communicating updates, gone the extra mile to advocate on my behalf and is such a pleasure to work with. Contact Shawna if you’re looking for a recruiter; she’s a job seeker’s dream!

Natasha Bostic

Shawna has helped me and guided me in the direction I wanted to go. Not only did she assist me in finding my new opportunity, but guided me the entire way through with her words of wisdom and genuine care. You will not find anybody else that will help you just because they want to. Shawna is someone you really want to get in contact with, and she will open up many doors for you in regards to yourself, and possible opportunities. Thanks SC for all your help and positive words. 🙂

Timothy Kim

I’ve known Shawna for almost 15 years and through many changes in our job functions and company changes. Shawna has is a dedicated and meticulous person with the ability to manage all kinds of challenges efficiently.
Her relaxed style with a blend of inquiry, patience and listening skills the shows she cares, but challenges you with directed questions that make quickly identify your goals and the most efficient and realistic path to meeting those goals.
Shawna has a passion for helping people be the best they can be. This is without a doubt her true calling.

John McGarvey

I had the expressed pleasure of working with Shawna when visiting the Kforce Los Angeles Office. Shawna is a master at building and nurturing professional relationships! With our positions relying heavily on relationship management, resume construction, interview prep, and career coaching, she goes above and beyond in connecting with each candidate. Rather than operating transactionally, she spends the necessary relational time with those she consults to help them voice and discover what it is they’re looking for. Needless to say, Shawna has an impeccable work ethic! A natural born leader, she works for the good of the teams she heads up and is not at all afraid to get her hands dirty.

Personally, Shawna has been a mentor to me, helping me to understand my strengths, passions, and the impact I desire to make on society. She’s asked me questions that push and challenge me, coaching me into greater performance rooted in passion.

Favor Mitchell

‘Brilliantly talented’ is the perfect phrase to define Dr. Charles! In the short span of time, I had the pleasure of receiving guidance and mentorship from Dr. Charles. Above all, I was highly impressed with her ability to convey a conflict while effortlessly research and resolve the issue immediately. Dr. Charles is truly an asset for any company she’s apart of due to her dedicated, determined personality!

Clarke Tulloch

Last year I joined Linkedin because I got laid off and was looking for work. I came across one of Shawna’s post for an open position she was trying to fill, so I messaged her. We exchanged numbers and I got a call from her on the phone and she told me exactly what I needed to hear! My resume was a mess and I had a lot to work on, but little did I know that was probably one the best phone calls I could ever get. We tried a couple places and had no luck but she was persistent on helping me find work. Anytime she had something she thought I would be a good fit for she always had me in mind and that made me feel good. One day I got a text from her and it was a position open at her own office! The job was perfect and exactly what I was looking for, before I knew it I was interviewing at the office that next week. I couldn’t believe it, after months of phones calls and texts finally we meet in person! Next thing I know I’m getting a phone call and I was hired! I never would of thought this incredible woman I met on LinkedIn would not only be my co-worker but a friend. We’ve both come so far, Thank you Shawna!

Paris McNair

Loved working with Shawna.

I met Shawna over the phone, but she has such a friendly personality that it felt like I’ve known her for years. She has taught me a lot about interviewing. What I like about Shawna is she takes the time to go over your resume with you, along with the job description and points out areas to focus on for the position.

Shawna has presented me to a number of positions, never pushing me to go for something that I wasn’t comfortable with but allowing me to choose…Shawna truly is “Charles in Charge”,

Sandra Chatman

It is rare to come across a standout talent like Shawna!

What makes her top notice is not only the fact that has she has high level of integrity, character, and honesty but she cares deeply for her clients. She is concerned about their well-being. She believes that finding the right position for each candidate is paramount. That is refreshing and rare. That type of passion should not be ignored.

Any company that has the opportunity to hire her should do so without question. Be ready for her to bring her a game to your team. It will be one of the best decision you will make.

Jason Blitz

Breaking in to a new career field can be a scary process. I didn’t know how to start. I met Dr. Shawna Charles here on LinkedIn and really just asked for advice on how to get started in a new field. She took the time to talk with me on several occasions. She not only gave me excellent advice on how to beef up my resume, but she also boosted my self-confidence. With her guidance, I realized my self-worth. I have been on several interviews now and am positive that my latest experience is the ONE! If you’re stuck, don’t wait. Dr. Shawna will invest the time in you to help you realize your truest potential. She’s amazing!!! Thank you Dr. Shawna!

Leah Trice

Encouraging, eager to jump in with a helping hand, positive personality are great traits to have, no matter what position you have in a company. I have worked with many people during my many years of experience and I can say I have met people with many of these traits; but had not had the pleasure to meet someone with all three, until I meet Shawna.

Johanna Montes

I have had the pleasure to know Shawna in two aspects both as a counterpart at Directv/AT&T and as well as a talent professional at Kfroce. I have had the pleasure to know her in both of these roles. In both cases, it would be an understatement to say that she is a consummate experience profession with all the necessary skill sets required and then some (just look at her well rounded and diverse qualifications).

In the modern workspace, diversity and complexity are the norms and in both a Managerial, technical and HR aspects. Shawna possesses all of these needed attributes and more. She is able to execute on these all of these planes with ease and authenticity.

From my own personal experience as a talent professional, Shawna to me has been more than a professional, rather a friend, mentor, listener and even more so someone whos open mind and broad range of experience gave me what I needed to assist me in traverse one of the more personally tough life/work jobs searches I have ever had to navigate. Irrespective of whether I was placed via her firm or another one.

Based on all of this, I can recommend her with great confidence and sincerity and she will be successful in whatever firm she decides to be part of.

Tawni Sofia Acosta

Shawna Charles is always a joy to work with. I have had the pleasure of working with her in my job search. She is always assessable and responds quickly to my calls and emails. Shawna is open in sharing her experiences and providing sound advice along the way to gaining employment. I recommend her highly if you are seeking employment. Thank you for everything Shawna!!!

Cathy Bauer

This recommendation was delayed NOT because recommending Shawna Charles would be hard to do in fact it’s quite the opposite I can say and I am say that I would recommend highly Ms. Shawna Charles faster than a heartbeat to anyone looking for a top notch recruiter that will continue to be on the grind or put work for her IT candidates. Shawna has been in my honest, very transparent and easy to communicate with since we first connected business thru K-Force.

I have not been the easiest candidate to place and you may not be either, but, Shawna will continue work with you and she has with me to find the best and job that will fit. Which is why I would highly recommend Shawna to any looking for contract work or perm. Don’t get me wrong, yes K-Force does have other recruiters that can and will be more then will to assist you with either finding that dream job now or perhaps later. All I’m saying is Shawna Charles and I have built what I feel is a great professional relationship so much so that honestly saying simply thank you just doesn’t’ seem to be enough.

Finally, in conclusion, I’ve been working thru IT recruiter’s for several years now some have come and gone (thank you lord), and other I’m just glad where not communicating any longer and other make empty talk and promises and other I felt I was I just a placement not taking the time for first get to know me (the IT candidate first), that IS NOT THE CASE WITH SHAWNA CHARLES!

So, thank you Shawna Charles for all you have done and continue to do for me especially being there keeping your word when I needed work I truly appreciate it.

Jamal R. Hale

Jamal Hale

Shawna has been a very resourceful recruiter to me. She was very dedicated towards me and made sure that I took the right decisions at the right time and finally successfully placed me. She was very motivational and supportive throughout the recruiting process and even post recruitment, she kept following up on my progress and made sure I was comfortable in my new role. I wish her the very best for her future and look forward to working with her.

Upasana Guha Biswas

Ms.Charles is very diligent and understanding of new career objectives and will work to get the best match! I was very appreciative during the screening process! Much success always!

Sabrina Ann Suárez

Shawna is blessed with her God-given talents. She definitely is a go-getter on a daily basis and is an expert at her skill-sets. From morning to dusk she is there working for you, and will not stop until the job is complete. Shawna’s smile is infectious on the phone-you can’t help but smile in return.
Who is Shawna? Well to sum it up she is-Successful as the result of her perfection,hard work,learning from any failures in her past,loyalty and persistence. She separates herself from other recruiters simply because she turns up the notch of Trustworthiness,determination and self-discipline.

Keep up the great work my friend!!!!!

Eydie Fennell

Shawana has been great working with me on getting a new position, she responds quickly, great communication and very helpful. Connect with her to get started on your next career move.

Alicia E.

Shawna is, without doubt the most knowledgeable and resourceful recruiter I have ever met. She is responsive and took time to understand the role I was after. I would recommend Shawna to anyone who is looking to start a career in IT in the future.

Siddharth Gorthy

Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions.” I’m thankful for people like Shawna who take the time to help others in their career. With her great insight and pep, she wisely brought more clarity to my circumstances on how to make the most of my next career step. Thank you so much; I’m inspired to help others like you helped me.

Chris B.
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