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Philanthropic Partnerships

One of the most effective ways organizations can boost their social capital is by building effective relationships with community philanthropic partners. We collaborate with our partners to create a philanthropic mission, identify potential philanthropic partners, and expand philanthropic outreach. The result is an outcomes-based strategic plan designed to elevate your brand’s trustworthiness and reputation while giving back to causes that matter.

Strategy and Coaching

Our relationship strategy experts are armed with the necessary knowledge to help you solve your most complex business issues. We take an intentional, step-by-step approach to help you identify and craft a winning business strategy centered on relationship building, give you advice on how to implement that strategy, and show you how to get buy-in across all levels of your organization, from top to bottom. When all employees are invested in and can articulate your strategy, you’re on the road to winning.

Whether it’s guidance on how to craft a plan that leads to lasting growth or coaching employees on how they can best utilize their skills to help them and their company grow, Think To Be Happy consultants can help your business and its team members reach their full potential.

Public Partnership Development

Building and fostering relationships with external partners can be challenging. We help you boost your social capital is by assisting you with crafting an actionable plan for your brand to engage with external stakeholders. We help you identify opportunities to expand relationships and discover which external partnerships deliver the most promise. Whether you’re seeking to build relationships with philanthropic community partners, businesses, or higher educational institutions, we can help your brand gain the external trust needed to be viewed as an industry leader.

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