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Need Access Too Initiative

At Think To Be Happy, we’re committed to being a conscious community partner by helping make college more accessible to students of color by matching them with universities that are best designed to meet their socioacademic and socioeconomic needs. With this end in mind, we’ve created two lines of services aimed at helping make college a reality for students who have historically have not had a seat at the table. Think To Be Happy offers consulting services for both Historically Black Colleges and Universities looking to maximize their success and students ready to make the transition to college.

Our Mission

Think To Be Happy seeks to fill an important role as a valuable community partner to help make college a reality for as many students as possible. Through strategic partnerships and informed guidance, we help students find their ideal college match, successfully complete their programs of study, and graduate, thus being better equipped for life’s challenges and successes.

Our Purpose

We seek to be a source of knowledge and support for students and families as they navigate the possibilities that exist post-high school graduation. Our clients may not know what options exist for them or know what they want to do, but they know they want more.


Think To Be Happy is committed to providing services that help meet the unique needs of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. HBCUs hold special significance in today’s educational landscape and Think To Be Happy seeks to play a role in preserving this significance while opening up access to post-secondary institutions to students who otherwise think college isn’t an option for them.
Like all higher education institutions, HBCUs are facing persistent economic challenges and most be agile to adapt to the changing needs of today’s students. Think To Be Happy’s consultants are focused on helping HBCUs respond to these pressures, establishing a foundation for transformational change and lasting success.

Our Services

In today’s increasingly complex marketplace marked by the diverse needs of today’s college students, institutions must develop innovative approaches to meet their students’ educational, social, and economic needs. To develop a successful plan to ensure more students have access to college, succeed while on campus, and graduate with a degree, HBCUs most examine the collegiate experience through the eyes of their students. We help institutions find success through developing student-centered campus experiences that help foster a culture of success for both the institution and its students.
Through thoughtful, targeted, and intentional consulting, Think To Be Happy’s consultants assist leaders at HBCUs in developing comprehensive strategic plans to recruit, match, retain, and graduate students.

  • Recruitment
    We help HBCUs reach their enrollment potential and maximize success by identifying students who are most likely to benefit from the programming offered at their institutions. We work with the end in mind, believing that we should help you recruit students that have the potential to succeed and graduate from your university based on the services you offer on your campus.
  • Institutional Matching
    The college decision process can be intimidating for all students, but especially for those students who may be the first in their family to attend. Using a number of data points and socioeconomic and academic factors, we help match students with their ideal collegiate homes with the goal in mind of helping them find a community where they feel welcomed and supported, thus leading to better retention and graduation rates.
  • Retention and Graduation
    We help HBCUs evaluate their current retention strategies, set goals, and develop strategic plans to boost retention and college completion. We help universities implement plans for success, get campus buy-in, and develop data-driven strategies that lead to increased retention and graduation rates, a win for both the institution and its students.

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Is college right for you? What considerations must you take into account when choosing a college? Will my academic credentials qualify me for admission into college?

These are just a few questions you may have as you explore the possibility of attending college. You have a lot to consider when deciding if you will go to college and picking an institution that will best meet your needs.

Think To Be Happy’s Consultants are here to help you navigate the college selection and admissions process. We’re equipped to help match you with institutions that can meet your personal and academic needs, which will help you maximize your success in finishing college.

We specialize in working with non-traditional students who may be entering the collegiate landscape years after graduating high school as well as students with an average high school GPA of a 2.0. We provide the caring support and expert advice needed to help you find your ideal institution that will help you thrive as you work to meet your personal and professional goals.

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