Organizational Development

When you partner with Think to Be Happy, you gain exclusive access to our full suite of solutions that will help your organization identify strengths; develop talent; boost its happiness IQ; train and develop leadership and new talent; and mange organizational change.

Our services include

  • Interactive Discovery Sessions: Our consultants help you uncover your organization’s strengths and challenges. From there, we help you identify goals for your organization and help you devise a plan to reach them.
  • Action Plans: After identifying your organizational goals and opportunities for improvement, we will help you develop an action plan with measurable outcomes and deadlines to help keep you on track and maximize your success.
  • Organizational Development (Human and Strategic Elements): Our consultants help leaders devise strategies for how to implement policies, procedures, and programming that help the organization be agile while providing a productive and positive work environment.
  • Talent Management and Acquisition: An organization is only as good as its talent. We help leaders implement strategies that attract the best talent on the market and develop programming and policies that will help talent feel integrated into their work community and proud to be part of their organization.
  • Culture Advisor (Diversity, Inclusion, Outreach and Compliance): Everyone wants to feel like they belong. Creating a welcoming and safe environment for individuals from all walks of life is key to organizational success. We share best practices and give you actionable strategies you can implement to increase the sense of community and inclusion in the workplace.
  • HR Support and Planning: The most successful organizations have HR operations that think strategically and plan ahead to meet any potential challenges an organization may face. We help HR teams develop forward-thinking policies and mindsets that help organizations adapt to any situation.
  • Executive Coaching and Conflict Resolution: Being a leader means always being at your best and setting a positive example for everyone in your organization. But it can be easy to become overwhelmed. We offer executive coaching and conflict resolution coaching to help organizational leaders develop skills that help them more clearly identify their values and how they fit into an organization as well as skills that can help them work with and lead people in more nuanced ways.
  • Organizational Model Implementation: Once you identify where your organization wants to go, you must have strategies in place to successfully implement those changes. We help you learn how to ask the right questions when it comes to implementing organizational models and how to create a workflow that ensures your vision comes to fruition successfully.
  • Educational Consulting for Colleges and Universities (Recruitment, Retention, and Completion Programs): Our consultants partner with educational institutions to implement strategies that can lead to improved recruitment, retention, and completion programs as well as help organizations build a more positive reputation amongst various constituent groups. We especially focus on helping HSBCUs gain a competitive edge in today’s high-stakes post-secondary landscape.
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