Career Happiness

Are you ready to embrace the long-term journey toward happiness in your career?

Our world is built on the idea of instant success. If you want to know something, then you can ask Google.

If you want something for dinner and don’t want to cook, then you can use a delivery service to bring something to your front door that you love.

This process works well in some areas of life, but it is rarely an option for your career. It takes time to build the necessary experience to begin the climb up the corporate ladder.

Instead of thinking in terms of days, weeks, or months, you must embrace a happiness strategy that can last for up to two years.

Don’t be discouraged! Transformations that take this amount of time to complete will often generate permanent results.

You can go from nothing to abundance, in both wealth and happiness, by following this straight-forward 5-step strategy.

Step #1: Take one action every day that brings you closer to your goal.
Pick the biggest financial or career goal that you have. Now commit, from this day forward, to take one action every day that will bring you closer to your definition of success. If you want it, then making this daily effort will seem like a walk in the park. Small investments compound into large dividends over time.

Step #2: Start keeping a daily journal.
It is easy to forget your progress when the journey is taking you toward a long-term goal. The lessons we all learn along the way is what will provide the necessary experience that leads toward achievement. Keep track of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Then meditate on these experiences at least once per week to keep yourself centered.

Step #3: Look for ways to improve your health every day.
Work a 30-minute window into your daily routine which allows you to get some exercise. Start eating whole foods instead of pre-packaged snacks. Cut out any extra sugar that you’re eating, and then make sure you’re getting enough sleep each night. It is challenging to be happy in your career if you feel miserable when the alarm clock sounds in the morning!

Step #4: Learn one new marketable skill every month.
Happiness happens when you are the most skilled person at what you do. You don’t need to be the strongest or the most intelligent – just be the individual who produces results. People will take notice when you’re offering something that is valuable. Take the time each month to learn something new that will enhance your career. This improvement in your abilities will pay off one day.

Step #5: Take a deep breath, and then keep pushing forward.
If we had multiple lifetimes to consider, then maybe a pursuit of happiness in our careers would be a more natural to navigate. Life is short. There are serious changes that we can make in this world, but life is something that shouldn’t be taken seriously every day. Get out there and have fun sometimes. Then take a deep breath, steady yourself, and push forward again.

Elbert Hubbard offers this advice: “Work to become, not to acquire.”

If you embrace the idea of self-evolution in your career over instant gratification, then it becomes possible to transform any situation into one where the focus is on happiness.

Embrace your joy. Begin this journey today.